Thank you for the kind words!

The entire JetVet Veterinary Clinic team works hard to provide your pet with the absolute best care on every single visit.

I have been taking my dogs to JetVet for the last 9 months. They have performed everything from surgery to shots and annual check ups to grooming on my babies. I have only ever had a great experience with both the Dr. and all the staff. My dogs range from ages 18 months to 9 years and she expertly handles their different needs for their stage in life. I couldn’t ask for more caring and thorough exams and I never feel rushed. I ask a LOT of questions and she always takes the time to answer me. One of my biggest kudos to the Dr. and her assistant is with my 18 month old puppy who is very very skittish and is terrified of everyone. She actually enjoys going to the vet now! I also find their prices reasonable and highly recommend JetVet.

Linda R.

I highly recommend JetVet Veterinarian Clinic. We will not take our pets anywhere else. After having tried a number of veterinary services in the area, we finally tried JetVet in Dixon. We found a considerate, knowledgeable staff that provides excellent loving care. When our pets got sick, Dr. Jessica took the time to ensure that we understood the problem. Then discussed and tailored treatment options that were effective in bringing our pets back to health.

Dave H.

So glad we switched from the vet services that were closer to post!! We’re never rushed in & out, Dr and her staff are always so kind and knowledgeable. They really care and take the time get to know you and our fur babies, even taking time to explain everything so you leave with so much info and a great feeling. She is on the cutting edge with so many products and treatments and willing to seek alternative methods for care and that really means a lot to me and my fur babies! I’m so thankful she has our best interest in mind.


JetVet, has been our home town vet for many years, the attention and tender loving care all our family’s pets receive is amazing. They truly treat our pets like family, and would not take them anywhere else. Medical treatment, boarding and grooming we recommend all their services. Thank you to the entire team at Jet Vet.

Lidia B.

Dr. Jessica takes care of my dogs and cat like they were her own. She is up to date and explores options with me. I think we are lucky to have a hometown vet who cares and has the expertise that she does.

Sharon W.

The care that we have been given by Jet Vet Veterinarian Clinic has been extraordinary! Dr. Wodohodsky is very knowledgeable, and exhibits great compassion for the care of animals. Her staff is very friendly, and the facility is immaculate. She understands that our pets are part of the family, and at a time when it’s time to say goodbye she is very passionate and caring. I highly recommend her services.

Karen C.

I have been going to Jet Vet since day 1. Doc and her staff have outstanding bedside manners, and you are not just a number there like I have experienced in the past with other Veterinarians. Doc is compassionate, caring, professional, and most of all, she is smart very intelligent in her profession. She has more degrees than most Veterinarians that has been in this profession for years. You don’t get degrees like that if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I thank God for her and her staff. They are such good people, and they try so hard to please everyone. But as you know there’s always that one that tries to ruin it for everyone. And tries to give her a bad name. And some have never even given her a chance in Dixon to have a successful business. Perhaps they’re just jealous. Because most new businesses that come into this town don’t make it 60 days. Jet Vet has been here almost ten years. Thats got to say something about Jet Vet, doesn’t do it?

People go into Jet Vet with fictitious names and they lie about their situations with their pet. And then they want to slander her name all around? Shame on you people! Just like any other business Jet Vet has rules and regulations they have to follow as well. Please remember that.

Thank you Jet Vet for being Odie’s Veterinarian. And thank you for choosing Dixon to plant your roots here so that we can have the loving and caring Veterinarian that you are to care for our beloved pets.

Jamie A.

Very clean facility, the Doc took very good care of my daughters kitten (Misfit). The staff are friendly and professional, I will go back.

Leto S.

Great Grooming Services at JetVet Veterinary Clinic. Boarding is Nice and great care from friendly staff that treat your Pet like their Own.

Stacy Y.

I have taken my dogs and cats to Jet Vets since they first opened for business. She is a wonderful person and cares for all animals.

Cher H.

Jet vet veterinary clinic is the best animal clinic around! I always have great experiences with her and the staff. They are very caring and compassionate about your fur babies. So glad we have these kind of services in the area. Could not ask for a better doctor of veterinary medicine, she is awsome! Extremely knowledgeable and educated! They also have a lot of good products, they even have Zum soaps and cleaners for your home, you, and even the fur babies. The zum products smell so good and work very well too. They even have essential oils! Love it. I will continue to see Dr. WODOHODSKY for all my fur babies needs, plus all the extras they offer. Would recommend to anybody! Thanks Jet Vet for all that you do! Much appreciated!

Danielle P.

This is the most compassionate Veterinarian that I have found in 47 years. My dachshund needed help and was very sick and Dr. Wodohodsky Saved my dog. She explained to me everything about my dog’s condition and what was wrong with my pet. She always gave me options and many excellent explanations for treatment of my beloved Pet. I love Dr. Wodohodsky for her overall kindness and gentle behavior that she displays when taking care of all of my Pets over the years. Her level of professionalism is one of the most Excellent, Superior rankings in the Veterinary Industry. I will continue to recommend everyone to Dr. Wodohodsky. The clinic facility is extremely clean and her staff is very friendly. It is not like some of the clinics where you go to and the staff is rude and acts like they know it all. JetVet Veterinary Clinic staff and DVM is the very best. She has a lot of loyal clients because people can tell how compassionate she really is when they meet her. Thank you JetVet Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Wodohodsky. Your The Best!

Nancy S.

JetVet Veterinary Clinic is an Excellent Veterinarian Clinic. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Wodohodsky. Dr. Wodohodsky loves and is very compassionate with Each and Every Animal. She has helped to rescue and adopt over 900 animals. I do not know of a more kind person than Dr. Wodohodsky. She is very Professional and extremely educated. Her knowledge and love shows through with each Pet that she treats. We love her staff! The team is very compassionate and care for your pet very compassionately. People drive from all over to visit this clinic! This tells you a lot about a Vet Clinic if they are always busy and clients are from all over. I have recommend many people to JetVet Veterinary Clinic because of the amazing service and very intelligent, compassionate Veterinarian, Dr. Wodohodsky. Dr. Wodohodsky loves each and every animal and that is easily seen upon visits. This clinic is a cut above the rest of the clinics that I have visited over the past decade. Keep up the Good Work Dr. Wodohodsky and Staff!

Marty P.

We brought in a stray kitten on the verge of death…jet vet saved the kitten and gave us kitten food samples to use. Louie is now a big strong kitty.


Excellent Vet! I’ve called three times now and gotten an appointment the same day, twice within a half hour of calling. The staff is very professional and my dog loves them. The doctor has a proactive approach and each time my dog has healed quickly. They are worth the drive from Fort Leonard Wood!

Jennifer L.

JetVet Veterinary Clinic is a clean, comfortable and friendly environment to take your pets. Dr. Wodohodsky and her staff are nothing but professional and kind. Anyone who has followed the advice given by Dr. Wodohodsky has seen dramatic, life-changing wellness in their pet. Dr. Wodohodsky and her staff educate and teach clients how to best care for their animals and their needs with top notch products sold at JetVet. After going here, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Craig S.

Caring Professional Staff. Great Clinic with a very Unique Caring Staff. Doctor Wodohodsky goes up and beyond her Veterinary Duties and Role in the Community. Great Prices and Wonderful treatment and care of each of our Pet’s. We Do Recommend Everyone to go to JetVet Veterinary Clinic!! Excellent Grooming & Boarding Service. This Veterinary Clinic also provides A One of A Kind Private Pet Cremation and Custom Pet Memorial Service.

Karen W.

Exceptional quality of care with a tenderness of compassion for the patients and owners. They care and it shows, Thank you Dr Wodohodsky and staff.

Mike L.

Love love LOVE this vet and all the workers!!!!!! My poor dog Mocha has had a really bad week and Jessica went above and beyond when it came to my dogs care. She is amazing with all my animals!!! If you want a vet who cares and is straight up with you…. this is the place to go! We love you doc


Angie F.

Dixon area pet owners are extremely lucky to have JetVet operating in their backyard. Jessica and her staff do a phenomenal job and provide a very welcoming atmosphere. Jessica is an unbelievably brilliant veterinarian and I could tell she was gifted in her practice since my very first visit there.

Joshua L.

Doc has taken care of our furry family members nearly four years now and does everything possible to ensure they are safe and healthy. She remembers past and current pets names and treats them all as if they are her family. Danielle and Ben are amazing with the animals and trust them with the kenneling of my pets. Thank you JetVet!

George H.

I use to drive over to saint roberts and always had to book an appointment WEEKS in advance just for a grooming! So I decided to try jet vet. I was not disappointed! They treated my fur baby like a princess and loved on her! She came out looking amazing! She received the shed less/furminator treatment and it actually has me wanting to buy their stuff! I will for sure be bringing my baby back to see you guys!!

Jaclyn N.